If something unexpected happens, the ambulance must be called. It is the same with factories where downtime could cause significant economic loss.

Automation ambulance means that possible breakdowns are found and fixed as quickly as possible. Atemix doctors find a solution in every case. They do not quit or give up when faced with first difficulties. They make an effort and surely put the device into operation again.

Automation ambulance can be ordered for all systems – either for those built by Atemix or for any other.

In case you have selected this service, the automation technology doctors of Atemix will hurry to you with flashlights on. Or they will solve the problem via remote management.
  • Identifying  and eliminating breakdowns
    • We provide the service of identifying and eliminating causes of breakdowns. If necessary, we will contact the manufacturer of the broken device and find substitute options.
  • Delivering spare parts
    • To minimize downtime, we offer the service of searching and ordering spare parts. If needed, we will order necessary spare parts to our warehouse to deliver them quickly in case of breakdowns.
  • Finding substitute products
    • Finding substitute products is vital for primarily older devices. We focus on finding substitutes that require minimum changes for integration, so that the system can resume to work quickly.
Want to MAKE your production more effective?
The automation technology doctors of Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.
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