Automation of an industrial process starts with a properly framed initial task. We will help you with that!

We come and analyse the situation to determine what you need and where you are aiming with your plans. After that we meet your wishes with options that modern industrial automation provides.

Using our knowledge, you will see new ways and solutions that will take your production process to a new level. Increasing production, saving money on labour costs, avoiding faults, improving product quality, reducing production lead time, decreasing wasting, creating interaction between devices – almost everything is possible.

We provide you with a complete solution that starts with consultation and designing, and it ends with putting the solution into operation. In the middle, there will be preparing the documentation, developing and setting up the solution. You must not forget the maintenance of the system. The automation technology doctors of Atemix want to be sure that the industrial automation solution they created is long-lasting and always in good health.

  • Designing control systems
    • We design the following units of control systems: process automation, production line automation, production equipment automation.
  • Preparing the documentation
    • We prepare the documentation including circuit diagrams and instruction manuals. We pay attention to the clarity and profoundness of information.
  • Manufacturing control cabinets
    • We design and manufacture control cabinets.
  • Installation work
    • We install properly both the devices as well as the wiring.
  • Set-up and fine-tuning
    • We set up production lines and machines so that they are ready for work. To enhance effectiveness, we also carry out fine-tuning.
Want to MAKE your production more effective?
The automation technology doctors of Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.
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