The automation technology doctors of Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.


Atemix creates complete automation solutions for industries and has been on the market since 2002.
There are 12 people employed in the company, 9 of them are automation engineers who are also called “automation technology doctors”.
With smart and innovative solutions, it is possible to achieve a lot in the industry process. With modern automation and software every production can be upgraded to a new quality level. That is our passion! We are partners of industrial enterprises. Our aim is to make production more effective.
Our full range of services includes process mapping, consultation, digitalization and automation diagnostics. Having been providing industrial automation and software for many years, we have constantly expanded our skillset and base of knowledge. Today we also provide Industry 4.0 solutions, industrial robots solutions and RaaS for different industries.

Why choose Atemix?

  • We are capable!  We can integrate different parts of a system into one. We also couple old equipment with modern monitoring and control systems.
  • We are inventors. If a system needs to be running, we find a solution how to do it. You do not always have to start replacing expensive hardware. For example, we specially program some parts in between so that devices could understand each other. We do not start with “that cannot be done”; we find a way. Tailor work is Atemix’s speciality.
  • We are not limited to one manufacturer. That means we do not confine our clients to the solutions of one supplier. We always search for a more advantageous and reasonable solution for the client, even if it entails contriving and thinking outside the box. For us this means “flexibility“.
  • We are passionate, especially when automation and industrial software are involved. We have engineers who are inventors by nature. Making a system work despite all obstacles – that is our adrenaline! For us this means “a committed team“.
  • We are fast. In case of need, we can react very operatively. If anything happens, we are there to help. We give a hundred-percent to keep systems trusted with us in order. For us this means “fast-responding“.

History of Atemix 

Atemix was founded in 2002. The first office was half a room in a rental apartment of the company’s founder, Ken Varik, in Annelinn, Tartu. In a little while, an office was rented and after a few years, Atemix moved from electricity work to the automation field. It became clear that industries in Estonia need modernisation.


The team of Atemix understood that by providing industrial automation solutions, they can offer much more value for their clients. A great working field opened. They moved forward to areas that needed increasingly more knowledge, and more complicated projects were implemented.


Atemix created its first complete automation solution in 2010. Today, the portfolio of Atemix comprises a variety of innovative projects, that have made the production activity of customers much more effective. Now, Atemix’s team has knowledge, experience and resources to help upgrade every industry to a new level.



Vision – to be the leader of the industrial automation field in Estonia

Mission – to provide innovative solutions that enhance effectiveness, so that factories could increase their productivity by at least 30%.

Want to make your production more effective?

Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.

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