Do you want to be a key player in the fourth industrial revolution, and leave your mark on the future of industry?
Atemix offers industrial and manufacturing enterprises a complete solution – from strategy to implementation. We are a one-stop shop for improvising production efficiency, helping you implement your business strategies through the integration of software, robotics, and automation systems into your production and management processes.

Atemix not only creates value for our clients, we also believe in investing in our team. Our people grow, develop their skills, and thrive with us. We offer career and development opportunities both for talented young professionals as well as experienced specialists who want to take a step forward, or perhaps sideways, on their career path and put their skills to the test in a new area. As a member of the Atemix team, you’ll have the opportunity to use software to reshape the physical world – with our software solutions, industrial machinery literally moves mountains!

Industrial software

We help digitalize industrial enterprises. That means no more losing that crucial notebook, and no more confusing, sluggish spreadsheets crashing your computer. With Atemix you get an unobtrusive system that lets you track production information in real time, measure results, identify faults and deploy prevention mechanisms – all with seamless precision.


We can integrate robotics solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers into your production processes. Our solutions are characterised first and foremost by simplicity, reliability, and low maintenance.

Automation systems

We can create bespoke industrial automation processes for you, from the design stage all the way to installation. Atemix solutions mean that all systems function reliably as an integrated whole, so you can get on with doing business.


We are ambitious and determined
Commitment. Effectiveness. Results. Great deeds are born of great effort, and luckily we are not afraid of a challenge. We are driven by our desire for self-actualization, the thrill of innovation, and the satisfaction we get from breaking new ground.

We are forward-looking and innovative
Our mottos include the inspirational words of hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky ‘I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been’. We stay ahead of the status quo, bringing new practices and technologies to the industrial sector and, striving towards IIOT-based production. We innovate not for the sake of innovation, but to improve performance.

We create value by helping our clients grow
There’s no shortage of companies selling software or industrial robots. What sets us apart, is that we also provide the strategic insights you need to use these solutions. Our products get you exactly where you want to go. We offer the complete package, from strategy and architecture all the way to implementation and maintenance. We know from experience that Atemix solutions don’t sit gathering dust on your hard drive. Our solutions quickly become central to all your business processes, helping your company exceed expectations, while you retain complete control.


Atemix are innovators in the field of industry, which means that others are inspired by us. We want to be a guiding light, not just in our dealings with our clients, but also with our staff. We might work with large companies, but we know the work we do is always personal. No business can succeed without taking good care of their people – our most important ‘assets’ arrive in the morning and go home at the end of the day.That is why we will always treat you as a person – an individual, not a job title. Everyone needs harmony between their work and personal lives to be happy and productive. It’s a win-win!

It is equally important to us that your job enables you to develop your skills and realize your full potential. This is why we offer so many in-depth training opportunities to allow you to master the technologies you will need to employ in your daily work, for example, Ignition SCADA training from Core to Cold level.

In our field, success is never a one-man show. At Atemix, we work as a team both within our various departments and across the company, to offer functional integrated solutions. The unity of our team is important to us – that is why we try to have a good time together and promote a strong team spirit.

We know we have something special to offer: a fantastic working environment, engaging and varied work developing entirely new production technologies, and a chance to leave your mark on the future of industry. Join us at Atemix and achieve something greater.


Development of RTLS (real-time locating system) positioning network

New central SCADA system for a water management company

Tartu Mill – automated packing line with robot station


At Atemix we’ve got each other’s backs. In fact it’s the key to our success: a motivated and cohesive team, where we support each other to bring our talents fully to the fore. To foster team spirit at our company, we regularly organise various team events. We also get together outside of work from time to time, whether for sports activities or more festive gatherings.

We are industry experts, but this does not stop us from being friendly and compassionate. We are open and approachable with each other, which is also the reason why our clients and partners enjoy doing business with us.

To support our staff, we also use a virtual working environment specialist service to help us maintain an overview of our employees, providing you with better occupational health and safety arrangements and all the resources you need to do your job well.


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Here are some clients who have increased the efficiency of their factories with solutions from Atemix.

Do you want to be a key player in the fourth industrial revolution and the development of novel production technologies?

At Atemix, you will have the opportunity to design innovative software, robotics, and automation solutions for industry leaders.

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