Maintenance and support

Every organism needs regular care and prophylaxis. You cannot see into a human being. You need wisdom and the right apparatus for diagnosing. It is the same with machines. Some illnesses cannot be seen.

Maintenance means a regular inspection of the equipment of the factory twice a year or as agreed upon. Just as it is advisable to send the staff to an occupational physician, it is worth getting regular maintenance for the equipment and systems. This way, it is possible to prevent problems and ensure operational ability of the equipment.

It is good to have a GP nearby, then you will have help and advice quickly. The same support for machines, equipment and systems is provided by the automation technology doctors of Atemix. If something gets broken, the line stops, production halts – what next? Atemix identifies the error and fixes it. The automation technology doctors find a solution in every situation and put the factory into operation again.

The support can also include being prepared to react quickly, because everybody at Atemix understands what an equipment downtime means for a factory.

  • Remote management of systems and equipment
    • We offer flexible remote management services to comfortably monitor and change data in real-time.
  • Alerting via remote management
    • We offer flexible alarm system with messaging or e-mailing support that helps to react quickly in case of alerts to avoid having serious breakdowns.
  • System maintenance
    • To avoid breakdowns, we offer maintenance services that include checking electrical installations and thermography. The aim of maintenance is to keep electrical installations in a required condition. Preventative maintenance is performed according to an agreed procedure, its goal is to avoid punctures of the isolation and keep the equipment in good condition. The goal of repair maintenance is fixing or replacing faulty parts.
  • Contract of automation system maintenance services and stand-by
    • A maintenance contract provides confidence that periodic preventative maintenance is performed in time – that decreases the opportunity of having unexpected breakdowns. In addition, if desired, we offer being on stand-by to react quickly in case of breakdowns.

Want to make your production more effective?

Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.

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