Measurement of equipment and line efficiency (OEE)

Do you have precise and adequate information about your factory’s performance? What is actually happening in the factory?

It is possible to measure the work done in the factory and we strongly advise to do so in order to get the full picture of your production processes.

The results of OEE measurements help us make conclusions about the performance of the system. Having accurate and correct real-time information about the production gives you the best tool to make constructive decisions – our automation engineers help to interpret the measurements to get actionable knowledge.

The OEE measurements enable to see clearly whether your machinery is operating at full capacity or not. With adequate performance measurements, you can plan the work at the factory in order to increase productivity, effectiveness and profitability.

  • Setting the initial task according to the client’s wishes
    • Together we determine what are the goals and how to reach them.
  • Collecting existing data
    • We use existing data without additional devices to analyse options how to improve effectiveness. Such data collecting includes reading data from the existing controller, management software, Google Sheets, and Excel tables.
  • Saving downtime
    • We save information about downtime. This information is the basis for measuring effectiveness.
  • Installing new measuring instruments
    • We help to choose and install the measuring equipment that remarkably improves the accuracy of measuring the effectiveness of devices and lines. The new measuring equipment gives precise information, based on which it is good to compare results and calculate the OEE.
  • Web-based system overview and management
    • Thanks to the data automatically collected from the production lines we provide for online real-time monitoring of production data and analyse all the aspects of the effective use of the equipment (OEE).
  • Writing reports according to client’s wishes
    • We form the information obtained by measuring the OEE into reports, as required. Based on the information saved to the database, we design an application that creates graphs and diagrams according to queries. This is a good way to have an overview of everything.
  • Improving devices
    • We suggest options how to improve devices to overcome earlier challenges and raise the OEE measure.
  • Optimizing equipment performance
    • We find a way how to make the existing device or set of devices work more efficiently.
  • Consultancy
    • We provide consultancy to everyone who wishes to improve their production but do not know yet where to start from and what to do exactly.

Want to make your production more effective?

Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.

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