A steering wheel in a car has no use if it’s not connected to the wheels. The car might be able to drive straight but there are not a lot of straight roads. It’s the same in production. When different production processes and machinery are interconnected, the results are significantly better.

Just like the moving parts in a car are connected for you to be able to drive to your destination, production processes and devices in a factory can be set to cooperate using industrial software solutions. When a factory is working as a whole, it is able to maximize its potential. System integration helps factories to:

  • Speed up production processes
  • Achieve desired results more quickly
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Decrease human errors in production processes etc.

Our industrial automation technicians can connect different parts of factories to make them work in unison. We will help your factory reach its full capacity.

  • Joining parts of the system into a functional whole
    • We offer solutions for integrating system parts to increase the productivity of systems and put necessary information together.
  • Integration of different protocols (Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, etc.)
    • Communication channels of devices can be different. We find the best way for you to put devices into interaction, so that information would converge into one.
  • Linking systems to different management software
    • We find a solution for interfacing the system with the management software. It helps to enhance information transfer and improve analysis options.
  • Connecting and enhancing old and new systems
    • We do a thorough preparation to prolong the utility life of old systems and integrate the old system with a new one with minimum expenses. We make improvements, if necessary, so that the system would work to the limit.
  • Web-based system monitoring and management
    • To ensure that the system works smoothly and at the same time keep expenses at a minimum level, we offer web-based monitoring solutions.
  • Updating outdated devices – replacing hardware and software
    • To minimize and prevent downtime, we assist in replacing outdated devices and update software according to specific requests. Most frequently, we have replaced frequency converters, sensors and PLC controllers. When choosing replacement products, we prefer well-known manufacturers, such as Siemens and SICK.

Want to make your production more effective?

Atemix will get every factory into their best shape and help them keep it.

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