Atemix as an employer

Atemix is a loyal partner to its clients and a dependable and advancing employer to its employees. We are employee-friendly and innovative.

Helping people to develop their skills is important for us. Every year, the employees can choose at least one work related development training. We organize team trainings regularly and participate in interesting automation fairs. We often share our knowledge also within the company – if someone has participated in a course, we discuss it at collective meetings. We are all constantly learning from clients, new projects and each other.

We support each other and stick together! During certain intense work periods, having good mutual relations is specifically important! We are a team – all for one goal. Also, in our free time we have mutual activities, may it be a sports event or a festive gathering.

We value the well-being of employees. We make sure that working at Atemix is comfortable and good. The new spacious office supports focusing and promotes teamwork. We have a quality interior and decent devices at our office. We do not economize on safety gear or work apparel. There are healthy snacks available at the office for everyone.

We make sure our working environment is ergonomic. In the office, there is also a functional kitchen, a comfortable resting place and a cosy atmosphere, which is created thanks to a great team!

We are professionals in our field, and at the same time, we are friendly and good-hearted. We communicate easily with each other, and because of that, it is good for our clients and partners to do business with us.