Atemix’s raffle winner has been drawn!

Lately you may have seen Atemix Tööstusautomaatika’s cars driving around with a new and eye-catching design.

To let all our supporters and friends know about this exciting news we decided to invite people to notice Atemix’s new cars, take selfies and share the pictures on social media.

To take part in the prize draw one had to find a car with our logos, take a selfie with it and post the selfie in the comments of our Prize draw post on Facebook. They also had to follow our Facebook page.

In addition to keeping factories in their top condition and creating clever industrial automation solutions we also like to surprise our friends with modern technology. So as a prize for our raffle we chose the 4th series Apple Watch since it’s stylish and functional and suits both men and women.

We are pleased that so many people noticed our cars and out of the 41 people who posted their selfies we chose the winner on the 18th of June at 12pm. The lucky winner happened to be Heidi Eit who commented that the win came exactly at the right time to replace her old watch. Heidi is just graduating as a quality specialist which means that punctuality is very important for her and a smart watch really comes in handy.

A big thank you to all who took part in the game, who shared the post or who were of support to us. We gained many new friends and a good opportunity to introduce our cool cars. We also got more motivation to organize similar games in the future because there’s never enough of smart technology.

Here are some of the posted selfies:

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