Siemens demobus “Profinet” at Atemix

On September 19th, Siemens demobus with the “Profinet” equipment visited Atemix Tööstusautomaatika.

PROFINET (Process Field Net) is a technical standard for industrial data communication over industrial Ethernet (IE).

In the demobus, a short history of industrial data communication was introduced, advantages of PROFINET over its forerunner, PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus), were discussed. The differences consist in, for example, data communication speed (max 12Mbit/s vs full duplex 100Mbit/s) and manyfold differences of the maximum capacity of one package.

Additionally, opportunities for implementing modern data communication technology in industry were shown, starting with controlling frequency converters via PROFINET, RFID systems, smart camera solutions and finishing with smart supply blocks – SITOP PSU8600, which are power supply units with a built-in web server with four configurable outputs and which may be extended by additional modules. Whereas, in addition to current limits, it is possible to designate a varying voltage of 5 VDC, 10 VDC or 24 VDC for different outputs. PSU8600 may be supplied with buffer modules as modules to compensate high starting currents, UPS efficiency and further adjustable supply outputs. It is also worth mentioning that Siemens provides the option of integrating PROFINET devices into operating PROFIBUS systems via corresponding communication expander modules.

PROFINET ring and parallel connections option for ensuring reliability, also options for hardware setting and diagnostics and IO testing (for example with the free of charge PRONETA software) were introduced.
The representatives of Siemens gave directions for the proper use of PROFINET and described different series of Siemens switches (starting from the most simple SCALANCE XB switches, managed S “Safety” up to W “Wireless” switches) and their advantages.

As a rule, Siemens PROFINET devices have two RJ45 sockets, which makes it comfortable to connect, for example, converters sequentially and use ring or parallel connections to decrease the risk of downtime due to cable breakings. When one connection breaks, it is possible to continue working with the device, and to ensure reliability, plan necessary early repairs/maintenance for eliminating the breakdown. 

After having an exciting look at the demobus, all visitors got to enjoy tasty foods from the food truck “KAKS KOKAPOISSI”.

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