Atemix tööstusautomaatika MeetUp

On March 22nd, 2019, our team in Atemix Tööstusautomaatika celebrated our 17th birthday with friends and partners.

The main speaker of the event was Janar Eit development manager of Promens AS, who did a presentation on “The journey to a functioning maintenance system”.

Promens AS (belongs to RPC Group), with approximately 270 employees, produces plastic components for automotive customers. Janar has been involved with Promens AS (previously Polimoon AS) since 2003.

It was a very interesting presentation with a lot of examples in which Janar described the stages of the maintenance system development.
The initial problem was the quality issue, as the automotive industry has zero tolerance for the manufacturing flaw, but for quality assurance, there was initially no information on the maintenance of the injection molding equipment and molds.
The plethora of stages in the development of the maintenance system describes well the need to test different approaches before achieving the desired goals.
Storing information on paper and in a table did not yield any results, so something new was needed.

Gradually, during 16 years, Janar contributed to the development of an effective injection molding and equipment maintenance system that has now taken the dimensions of the MES (Manufacturing execution systems) software.

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