100th control cabinet for wakeboarding systems

Atemix reached an important mark together with Snow & Wakeboard Solutions, a company who produces wakeboarding systems. To date we have made one hundred control cabinets for WakeStation cable systems and these have been delivered to wakeboarding parks all over the world.

The partnership started in 2011 and our purpose has been to create and develop an automation system and also to provide technical support for WakeStation and their customers when needed.

What first seemed to be a simple single-engine control system has through extensive development evolved into a user-friendly and all over the world highly valued automation system. The organizer of International Extreme Sports Festival, FISE has since 2016 chosen for wakeboarding competitions the WakeStation dual-tower cable system developed by Atemix Tööstusautomaatika.

Why are wakeboarding parks favouring Atemix’s developed control system?

Atemix Tööstusautomaatika’s developed control system has more capabilities compared to its competitors:

  • Web remote web interface allows you to control up to four WakeStation systems in both automatic and manual mode.
  • The control system has a self-service system, which includes “autostart”, “rider remote” and a “load sensor module”. With these the system can locate the driver and the location of the fall so professional riders can ride independently without an operator’s assistance.
  • The remote management solution allows you to perform diagnostics remotely over the Internet.

Our aim is to provide a reliable and modern automation solution which means that everything is tested on a program based on Ignition platform. The browser-based web interface integrated in a Siemens controller provides an easy access through mobile devices and the computer.

Thanks to Atemix’s automation system WakeStation can provide wakeboarding parks with complete and user-friendly solutions.

Cover photo: Tomas Jaokvlevas, feature photo: Jan Henrik Pärnik, text body photo: Rustusis Brokolis

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