Siemens demobus “Safety” at Atemix

On September 6th, Siemens demobus “Safety” visited Atemix that had lots of industrial safety devices starting from usual safety relays up to Failsafe controllers. Everyone interested could look around inside the demobus, and the representatives of Siemens from Finland and Estonia introduced the devices in the demobus.

People could see, for example, buttons with a ProfiNET interface (possible to connect up to 20 buttons with a flat cable, saving time on hauling and connecting cables), space-saving Failsafe contactors (55kW up to 250kW), Failsafe converters, and servo drives. In addition, a portable HMI panel was also available for testing.

Weatherproof devices (including a converter G120D with IP65 protection rating, Failsafe IO-extension ET200ECO with IP67 IP65 protection rating) and safety solutions for installing electric control cabinets were introduced. Different displays demonstrated how to stop engines safely or switch to a slower rotation speed. It was also possible to simulate cable breaking and short-circuit and then identify the breakdown with Siemens diagnostics

Also, they generally showed (using TIA Portal V15 programming software) the simplicity of programming, testing and generating reports related to the safety of the device of Failsafe controllers.

All the visitors interested in automation had an exciting safety themed morning.

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