Scanola is a rapeseed processing factory in Painküla, where in addition to Olivia rapeseed oil, high-protein rapeseed cake and feeding oil are also produced. Olivia rapeseed oil meets the European quality requirements for fully refined vegetable oils. Scanola sells its products mainly in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company has a long-time production experience, their production machines are contemporary and constantly updated. Their team has a lot of experience. Scanola has been a client of Atemix since 2013.

Different lines and devices of the factory were not joined into one system. The systems were controlled via a computer installed near every device or with control buttons manually. Every device had its main control cabinet. There was no option to save data or alert the operator. Checking the system was also very complicated and time-consuming. Some control devices were not too reliable. In addition, the logic of old control devices did not fit into the existing system. Work of the devices needed to be monitored constantly and operated manually.

All system parts (seed warehouse, Geka burner, pressing, oil warehouse, chiller) have been integrated into one unitary SCADA. Management has been divided into sections with separate monitors for operators. The system mainly operates fully automated – the operator is only needed for alerts and visual check-ups. Actuation of lines takes place automatically. Alerts are transferred to the operator room with an audio signal. Aged devices have been replaced with more modern models that are faster and more powerful. New programmes were created for replaced control devices. The system can be continuously upgraded as the client desires. Automatic filling of 1-ton containers is done with 0,1% precision.
All analogue signals and system parameters can be monitored on graphs. History is saved for 5 years. Creating new users is fast and easy. A new user manages to get an overview of the whole work process in just 5 minutes. The system is run directly online, this also enables to monitor the factory remotely. The management system has an unlimited number of users, only VPN internet connection is needed. Adding new devices is also simple and easy. Currently the system provides 15 different reports that are generated automatically according to the selected period. Additionally, a system for sending notifications has been created.

  • The system is integrated into a unitary SCADA.
  • Actuation of lines is automatic.
  • Alerts are transmitted via audio signals to the operator room.
  • The receiving line is actuated automatically, when there is material in the receiving bunker.
  • The factory loading line is actuated, when one daily bunker has been emptied.
  • The controller has been replaced with a modern model that is faster and more powerful.
  • The system has automatic regimes for repumping different containers.
  • A precise overview of the remnant stock and reporting are possible.
  • Controlling the system has been divided into sections with separate monitors for operators.
  • The system operates mainly fully automated requiring the operator only for alerts and visual check-ups.
  • 1-ton containers are automatically filled with 0,1% precision.
  • The control device of the system has been replaced and a new program has been created.
  • Monitoring and controlling the separator is convenient and fast.
  • The system can be upgraded based on the customer’s wishes.



Tasks completed during the project:

  • Designing the automation system
  • PLC programming
  • Integration of Ignition SCADA
  • Control cabinet manufacturing
  • Installation works
  • Commissioning
  • Preparing the documentation

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