Autonomous silo level measurement system with 4G data transmission and central SCADA connection

AS Tartu Graanul is a pellet production factory founded in 2014 in Tila Village, Tartu County. The aim of the company is to offer premium-grade wood pellets in Estonia. They exclusively use state-of-the-art technology and high-quality raw materials that do not contain any bark.

Tartu Graanul purchases wood chips from different partners in the timber industry – this is a logistically complex process that requires prompt exchange of information between the supplier, contracting authority and drivers. On many occasions, the transmission of information was delayed or lost due to the use of different information channels. This caused problematic situations where the chip silo became full. As a result, the timber company was unable to continue its work and the client had to quickly start organising transport to different parts of Estonia.

In cooperation with the client, we found that the best solution to the problem would be to modify the existing solution instead of reinventing the wheel. We made use of the tried and tested level measurement system which we have provided to our clients in the past. This time we modified the system by adding 4G capacity and configuring it to communicate with the central SCADA system, which we had previously built for the client.

The challenge:

We selected weather-appropriate equipment, designed the switchboard and created query methods. We also developed a mobile SCADA solution using Ignition Perspective.

A particular challenge of the project was to design a system that would run smoothly in both hot and cold weather conditions. Through the careful selection of equipment, we came up with a suitable solution that has now been operating successfully since the beginning of 2020.


Thanks to the installation of autonomous measuring devices with 4G connectivity that transmit data to the client’s central SCADA system, the client now has its own operational information channel which allows the movement of trucks to be planned in an optimal manner. The new system minimises the risk of human error as well as the loss of data during the process – all of which were previously causing stressful situations, logistics issues and downtime.



Work completed during the project:

  • Collection of basic data
  • Design and construction of automation control panel
  • System setup
  • Drafting of documentation and sketches

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