Pellet production line automation

Pellet production line automation

The goal of AS Tartu Graanul is to offer premium class pellets of the best quality in Estonia. Pellets produced by the company under the ’’Premium Pellets’’ trademark are of high quality and have high heating value.


Before manufacturing the fully automated pellet output line, the producing capacity was limited because the number of silos where products were stored was small. The goal of the project was to utilize the old mill rooms that had silos for storing products. For that, two separate complexes needed to be joined into one, a new totally automatic automation solution for loading silos and dispensing products had to be created. It was noteworthy that the loading and dispensing system created by Atemix Tööstusautomaatika was the critical link that integrated the pellet press in one facility and the pellet packing robot in the other, renovated mill building into one whole.


Cooperation:  TATOLI AS

Tasks completed during the project :

  • Designing the automation system  
  • PLC and HMI programming
  • Designing and manufacturing the automation control cabinet
  • Object assembly (cable lines, cables, control cabinet)
  • Commissioning
  • Preparing the documentation


Loading pellets into silos and dispensing them onto the packing robot occurs completely automatically, the press operator selects the silos to be loaded and the order. The packing line operator selects the silo for collecting the products, after which both can focus on their main job. The system has been created considering possible SCADA integration; if the client wishes, the system may need no rearrangements or critical changes. Also, it is possible to develop the system in case the client wishes it.

The client is satisfied with the work; thanks to the created system productivity enhanced, effectiveness increased and thereby an opportunity emerged to use resources in a more optimised way, there is no loss of time due to ineffective activities.

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